Creativity, kindness, and an eternal readiness to learn—the three principle tenets that Stephanie Shultz, CEO of High Exposure LLC, ascribes to her distinctive leadership style and business philosophy.

High Exposure is more than just a gym; it’s a haven designed to challenge conventional perceptions of fitness, welcoming both the athletic and non-athletic to face “the walls” and conquer their fears. “We go beyond what you may think is not possible and through play and whimsy, engage users on an adventurous journey,” articulates Shultz.

There’s a little bit of surprise at every corner. The pride of their offerings — an interactive activity where a 4-year-old could climb 40 feet to be seated on a toilet bowl. It may sound absurd and unusual, but for Shultz, that’s a mark of courage, humor, and fearlessness.

Her devotion to creating a business based on lateral thinking and adrenaline-filled fun has not gone unnoticed by the media, with multiple mentions in Bergen and Rockland County magazines classifying High Exposure as a top family entertainment center. However, for Shultz, the true triumph lies in touching the lives of her members — bringing joy, exhilaration, and a sense of achievement to their lives.

Yet, any journey to success comes with its own set of challenges. For High Exposure, staffing has always posed an issue. But with an uncomplicated solution before her, employing kind, engaging staff that prioritize making users feel welcome, the hurdle has transformed into an opportunity. The faith that she places in her team and their abilities is unique to her.

Her staff roster is impressive, featuring top trainers for after-school programs, some of whom were part of the journey to support athletes like Austin Hoytt, a top boulder/climber in the world. One of their climbing trainers ranks in the top 50 in the USA, and a Ninja warrior trainer who has competed nationally and appeared on the TV show American Ninja Warrior.

It’s evident with High Exposure that excellence, kindness, and inspiration are sewn into the very fabric of their operation, an aspect of their business that beautifully engages their social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, providing a virtual gateway for everyone to experience their unique services and engage with the High Exposure community.

Shultz looks at her business not just as a CEO but as a nurturer. Learning, for her, never stops. Whether it’s donning the hat of an employer or exploring new creative antics for High Exposure, she is always ready to learn, grow, and innovate.

In an age where consumer habits are transforming and there is an increased emphasis on well-being, Stephanie Shultz, backed by her team of qualified trainers and her business acumen, is all set to redefine adventure and fitness, one wall at a time.

The journey of High Exposure LLC under the stewardship of Stephanie Shultz is breathtaking, with literal and metaphorical walls being climbed every day. It leaves us all with this thought: If a 4-year-old can climb a 40-foot wall to sit on a toilet bowl, what’s stopping us from facing our own walls?