As people bid farewell to their 20s and welcome their 30s, they might notice subtle changes in their bodies. Human metabolism starts to slow down, muscle mass begins to decline, and skin elasticity starts to decrease. But most importantly, on a cellular level, NAD+ levels – a coenzyme essential for energy production and DNA repair – begin to drop.

This decline in NAD+ is believed to be one of the primary drivers of the aging process, leading to a reduction in cellular energy.

“NAD+ precursors are compounds which have been shown to boost NAD+ levels in the body, countering the decline we see with aging,” says Brandon West, Senior Product Manager at MaxScientific, a global biomedical company.

Revigorator, a ground-breaking product by MaxScientific, is designed to provide the body with NAD+ precursors, essentially acting as building blocks required for NAD+ synthesis. As a result, it stimulates the natural production of this coenzyme inside cells, helping replenish the decreasing levels associated with growing old.

Revigorator’s innovative formula was designed utilizing cutting-edge technology with support from Harvard University and the Mayo Clinic to address the decline in NAD+ levels in aging adults. By increasing NAD+ levels, this supplement helps to optimize cellular function, enhance energy levels, and encourage healthy aging. Revigorator incorporates advanced senolytic enhancers to eliminate senescent cells – cells that have lost their ability to function correctly but continue to linger in the body.

“Cellular senescence is when cells stop dividing and functioning normally but stay active in the body. Senescence can be triggered by a variety of stressors. As we get older, our immune system isn’t as effective at finding and removing senescent cells, so they begin to accumulate in various parts of the body. As they build up, they can release harmful substances that affect nearby healthy tissues,” West reveals. “Senolytics are special compounds that can target senescent cells and help get rid of them.”

MaxScientific offers two variants of Revigorator: Gen4 and Gen4 Platinum, both designed to address aging through a multi-faceted approach of boosting cellular NAD+ and targeting senescent cells, with Gen4 Platinum serving as a more potent version.

“Our mission is to bridge the gap between innovative biomedical science and the consumer, making healthy aging accessible and achievable for everyone.”

Aging is an inevitable part of life and a journey we must all navigate. However, with innovative products like Revigorator, the power to shape this journey and ensure it’s filled with vigor and wellness rests in our hands.

By addressing these fundamental aspects of aging at the cellular level, Revigorator offers a promising solution to anyone seeking to maintain their cellular energy, resilience, and overall health as they age.