Startups face a unique set of challenges in the realm of health tech. PulsePoint Path, a trailblazer in this sector, is redefining the roadmap to success for these emerging companies. With a focus on bridging gaps in business logic and fostering accelerated growth, PulsePoint Path stands out as a beacon for startups striving for greatness.

Health tech startups often embark on their journey with groundbreaking ideas and technologies. However, they frequently hit a wall when it comes to scaling their business. Co-founders of PulsePoint Path highlight this hurdle, noting that many founders, often coming from technical backgrounds, struggle with the business growth aspect.

“The key pain point is… they get stuck with their business for many reasons as they understand the technology, but they do not understand how to get that technology to market,” they explain.

The other half of the healthcare innovative founders are clinicians who see the gaps in the marketplace in how care is being delivered. While they have brilliant ideas that are truly needed for patient care, they also lack leadership and business development, says Sabrina Runbeck, CEO of PulsePoint Path. This insight sheds light on a critical gap in the health tech startup ecosystem – the leap from innovation to successful business operations.

Holistic Approach

PulsePoint Path stands out due to its comprehensive approach to assisting middle-stage companies that have hit a plateau. These companies previously relied on traditional marketing and sales methods to reach their current state, but they now find themselves in a stagnant position, in need of fresh perspectives. 

Sabrina Runbeck, a seasoned clinician and the CEO of PulsePoint Path, elaborates on the importance of standing out not just in terms of solutions but also as a company with a robust infrastructure. This perspective is crucial in an industry as competitive as health tech. PulsePoint Path’s strategy focuses on a comprehensive evaluation of startups, identifying gaps not only in their business model but also within their leadership and operational strategies.

The Value of Working with PulsePoint Path

Companies in the health tech sector are in a constant race against time and competition. PulsePoint Path offers these emerging companies a much-needed lifeline. Their method involves a deep dive into twelve domains of business, coupled with strategic advice from seasoned board advisors. Chloe Kelsch, CMO of Pulsepoint Path, emphasizes the importance of visibility and coaching in the early stages of the program, ensuring founders receive a well-rounded growth strategy.

A significant advantage of working with PulsePoint Path is their ability to identify and address gaps in health tech growth strategies. They employ tools like SWOT analysis at both the company and leadership levels, ensuring no stone is left unturned. Sabrina Runbeck points out the importance of directing efforts correctly, noting, “If you’re working on the wrong thing, you can be super productive but on the wrong path.”

Guaranteeing Success with PulsePoint Path

The commitment of PulsePoint Path to its clients is evident in its guarantees. Co-founder and CMO Chloe Kelsch articulates this promise, “Through our transformative services, we pledge to empower our clients with unwavering visibility, unparalleled insights, and a meticulously crafted roadmap for exponential growth.” This assurance is backed by their comprehensive approach, focusing not just on business strategies but also on personal development and team dynamics.

PulsePoint Path offers a distinctive model for health tech startups, addressing fundamental challenges with a multi-faceted approach. Their methodology not only helps startups navigate the complexities of business growth but also empowers them to realize their full potential in the competitive health tech landscape. With PulsePoint Path, startups are not just investing in a service; they are embarking on a transformative journey toward success and innovation.

Interpersonal Communication

Communication among many companies slowly develops an organic silo structure of communication. This is never deliberate or even recognizable in many cases. The evolution of performance and competition to deliver among staff and leadership will sometimes isolate communication within the workplace. Dr. Aaron Bryant, one of PulsePoint Path’s co-founders and COO, has over fifteen years of experience in corporate leadership and consulting within Fortune 500 companies. He has witnessed firsthand how these areas of communication can be destructive within the infrastructure. PulsePoint Path offers the ability to identify this and assist with the necessary efficiencies to ‘break down’ those walls and deliver process and communication effectiveness.