For people who have to use them, mobility solutions are tools that help them keep as much independence as possible while also keeping them safe and, ideally, being cost-effective. But those are just the fundamental demands that are placed on mobility aids such as wheelchairs, walkers, and scooters.

Every person is different and has specific needs. Some people will need highly customizable solutions. Others will need solutions that don’t take up much space. People will need mobility aids that can support more weight, while others will focus on versatility for various terrains.

Miracle Mobility, a Clearwater, Florida-based mobility aid company, has found its niche. “We specialize in innovative mobility devices, specifically focusing on foldable electric mobility solutions,” says Dan Guthrie, the company’s CEO. “Unlike traditional scooters that are heavy, bulky, and inconvenient for indoor use, our foldable product offers the convenience of collapsing to the size of a large suitcase in just one second, similar to a baby stroller.”

With 35 years of experience in the consumer product market, Guthrie became involved in the medical equipment industry in 2014. He started Miracle Mobility in 2018, which was a sound business move.

“Currently, Costco sells approximately 200 mobility aids per month, while Amazon sells around 3,000 per month,” explains Guthrie. “The market for mobility aids is substantial and expected to triple by 2028, presenting a high-growth opportunity.”

The mobility solutions the company offers focus on wheelchairs, along with premium walkers. All of their inventory is made in factories registered with the FDA and comes with excellent warranties. Most importantly, the chairs cater to the various needs of the users, including those who expect to spend a lot of time in the chairs.

Above anything else, however, the company focuses on mobility and ease of manipulation.

“A lightweight solution ranges from 40 to 60 pounds, allowing users to easily lift and store it in the trunk of their car,” says Guthrie. “This mobility solution empowers seniors with freedom and independence, enabling them to reclaim their lives. Now they can join their grandkids on trips to the mall and spend the entire day out without worrying about walking long distances.”

Under his leadership, Miracle Mobility has gained recognition for its efforts in providing high-quality mobility solutions to its customers. At the MedTrade 2023 Expo and Conference, the company’s wheelchair model Miracle Mobility 4N1 Electric Walker Wheelchair was awarded the Gold New Product Pavilion Award. A year earlier, WK Weekly flagged the company as one of the healthcare companies to watch in 2022.

With the population of the country aging and the Baby Boomers increasingly relying on mobility aids in their day-to-day lives, the need for solutions like the ones offered by Miracle Mobility is only going to grow. “Studies indicate that one in three of them will require a mobility aid within the next three years,” concludes Guthrie. “This translates to a demand for around 20 million mobility aids in the next decade.”

Together with the increasing demand, a shift in the understanding and the need to adapt to the issues facing an older population means that not only will there be more mobility aids around, but they’ll need to meet the criteria that allow them to integrate into their users’ lives. With its dedication to creating lightweight solutions, Miracle Mobility is leading the way to a more mobile and independent future for its customers.