In a groundbreaking improvement poised to reshape the landscape of next-generation therapies, San Francisco-based startup MiLaboratories, a leader in RNA immune technologies, and Miltenyi Biotec, an international leader in biotechnology, have introduced a transformative partnership. This collaboration indicates a monumental breakthrough in advancing immunology and personalized medicine research.

Under the terms of this landmark agreement, MiLaboratories is set to grant exclusive rights to its cutting-edge RNA kit technology for immune sequencing to Miltenyi Biotec. Recognized for its instrumental role in propelling research in immunology and personalized medicine, this innovative RNA sequencing technology will now be made widely accessible to researchers and clinicians worldwide, thanks to Miltenyi Biotec’s robust production and commercialization capabilities.

A cornerstone of this collaboration lies in the integration of MiLaboratories’ acclaimed software solutions, MiXCR and Platforma, into Miltenyi Biotec’s product offerings. These software platforms, renowned for their prowess in next-generation sequencing (NGS) data analysis, will provide researchers with powerful and user-friendly tools for genomic data interpretation. Through this integration, customers procuring RNA kits from Miltenyi Biotec will benefit from seamless access to MiXCR and Platforma, significantly enhancing their research capabilities and efficiency.

Stan Poslavsky, CEO of MiLaboratories, hailed this partnership as an important milestone in their mission to expedite the development of next-generation therapies. He expressed confidence in the synergistic potential unleashed by combining MiLaboratories’ innovative RNA technologies and software platforms with Miltenyi Biotec’s manufacturing and commercial prowess, anticipating a substantial impact in the field of genomics and personalized medicine.

Jürgen Schmitz, Managing Director at Miltenyi Biotec, echoed Poslavsky’s sentiments, emphasizing their shared commitment to advancing human health. He lauded MiLaboratories’ RNA kit technology for immune sequencing as a perfect complement to Miltenyi Biotec’s molecular analysis product portfolio. Moreover, he underscored the invaluable support that MiLaboratories’ software solutions would offer customers in data analysis, heralding the dawn of a new era for next-generation therapies.

This collaborative endeavor is poised to accelerate the pace of discovery and development in the realm of genomics, furnishing researchers and clinicians with unprecedented tools to navigate the complexities of genetic information and foster the innovation of transformative therapies.