At Meditech Today, we’re on a ceaseless quest to drive innovation and broaden the horizons of healthcare technology. We’re fully invested in a future where life is not just sustained, but elevated, through advanced medical solutions. We champion the idea that knowledge can ignite fresh thinking, making medtech not just a buzzword but a life-changing reality for all.

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Innovation Saves Lives: The Podcast with a Pulse

Hosted by Daniel Farina, a veteran in Intensive Care, Emergency, and Surgical Services, “Innovation Saves Lives” is the perfect rendezvous for anyone passionate about the marriage of healthcare and tech. With his seasoned experience from Oracle and his consulting prowess, Daniel pulls back the curtain on clinical and business aspects of medtech.

Daniel has a remarkable track record:

  • Facilitating Clairvia implementation across 20+ VA clinical sites.
  • Providing data-driven strategies for improving clinical staffing.
  • Accumulating over 150 hours of presentations aimed at C-Suite leadership.

“Innovation Saves Lives” provides the insights you didn’t know you needed, directly from industry experts.

Concluding Thoughts

Healthcare technology is rife with opportunities, but only for those willing to grasp them. Meditech Today is your steadfast ally on this journey, offering invaluable insights, exposure, and community engagement. Are you ready to make your mark in the evolving medtech landscape? With Meditech Today, you’re already one step ahead.