In a major development for the digital health industry, HEALWELL AI Inc., a leading AI and data science company focused on preventative care, has announced a significant milestone achieved by its subsidiary, Pentavere Research Group. Published earlier this month, it is the industry’s first peer-reviewed paper utilizing AI and large language models (LLMs) to identify rare lung cancer patients, marking a pivotal moment in the application of AI in precision oncology.

The paper, titled “Real-world Outcomes of Patients with Advanced Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor-Mutated Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer in Canada Using Data Extracted by Large Language Model-Based Artificial Intelligence,” represents a significant leap forward in the utilization of AI technology within the healthcare sector. The study, which has been published in the esteemed journal Current Oncology, underscores HEALWELL’s leadership position in developing AI applications in healthcare.

Pentavere’s achievement signifies a critical advancement in preventative care, with extensive implications for patient outcomes and the optimization of healthcare practices. By harnessing generative AI, Pentavere has successfully extracted one of the largest population cohorts of advanced rare EGFRexon20 lung cancer patients from real-world electronic health record data. This data not only serves as Real World

Evidence but also offers invaluable insights into unmet patient needs, facilitating more effective cancer treatments.

The validation of Pentavere’s AI-driven approach has garnered widespread recognition from industry leaders and healthcare professionals alike. Co-authored by industry leader Johnson & Johnson and featuring contributions from globally recognized clinical oncologists from institutions such as the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, the paper represents a collaborative effort to advance scientific research and enhance patient care.

Commenting on the significance of Pentavere’s achievement, Aaron Leibtag, CEO of Pentavere, emphasized the company’s commitment to innovation in healthcare. “Pentavere is pushing the boundaries of innovation in healthcare and leveraging AI to address the most pressing challenges facing patients and healthcare providers,” said Leibtag. “This paper highlights our ability to use generative AI in the real world to unlock key clinical and commercial value.”

Dr. Alexander Dobranowski, CEO of HEALWELL, echoed Leibtag’s sentiments, expressing immense pride in Pentavere’s groundbreaking research. “We are immensely proud of the Pentavere team, and the innovative research showcased in this publication,” stated Dr. Dobranowski. “This milestone validates the power of fine- tuned generative AI to drive meaningful insights and transform patient care.”

The implications of Pentavere’s achievement extend far beyond the realm of lung cancer research. As demonstrated by this landmark publication, the ability to analyze vast amounts of unstructured clinical documentation within electronic health records using generative AI has opened new avenues for improving patient outcomes and advancing precision medicine initiatives.

Pentavere’s success underscores the growing prominence of AI-driven technologies in the healthcare landscape. Alongside HEALWELL and Pentavere, numerous companies are actively contributing to the advancement of AI in healthcare, each with its own unique approach and expertise. From clinical decision support systems to patient identification solutions, these companies collectively form a dynamic ecosystem dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare through innovation.

As the healthcare industry continues to embrace AI technology, the potential for transformative change in patient care and disease prevention remains vast. With initiatives like Pentavere’s groundbreaking research paving the way, the future of healthcare looks increasingly promising, driven by the power of AI to revolutionize preventative care and improve patient outcomes.