Ernesto Moralez, a renowned public health professor and certified health education specialist, is thrilled to announce his recent contribution to an updated public health curriculum, set to be published in Fall 2024. 

Moralez and his colleagues have been working diligently to overhaul Jones and Bartlett Learning’s introductory public health textbook. It’s been a well-known resource among public health students and professionals since its first publication in the early 2000s.

A Textbook That Records Unique Experiences

Ernesto and his team worked meticulously to develop sections and chapters drawn from their extensive research and hands-on experiences in the public health arena, ensuring that the academic material is enlightening and relatable.

This contribution includes his work on the Health Disparities Field Experience (HDFE). This experiential learning initiative, situated at the intersection of education and community health, was co-developed by Moralez in partnership with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and New Mexico State University (NMSU).

A Background of Excellence in Public Health

Known for his commitment to public health, Ernesto Moralez’s rich and varied career journey has seen him enriching lives at: 

  • New Mexico State University
  • The University of Colorado-Denver
  • The Metropolitan State University of Denver

His trailblazing work in the field is exemplified most notably by his co-development of the Health Disparities Field Experience (HDFE). A hands-on program designed to expose students to the realities of resource-deprived regions and the sociocultural factors that shape health disparities.

Ernesto Moralez: An Award-Winning Educator

Moralez’s passion for education has been recognized through numerous accolades. A notable testament to his teaching excellence was his receipt of the Donald C. Roush Excellence in Teaching Award and the Patricia Christmore Faculty Teaching Award. 

Deemed one of the finest faculty members at the New Mexico State University, Moralez was acknowledged for his devotion to improving teaching throughout his 35 years of service.

A Journey Marked by Innovation and Dedication

From his academic positions at multiple universities to co-developing the Health Disparities Field Experience, Moralez’s commitment to improving public health education is palpable. His innovative approach to teaching, primarily through immersing students in resource-limited regions, elevates the educational experience for public health students.

Ernesto Moralez’s contribution to the upcoming public health textbook is set to revolutionize how public health education is approached and understood. Considering the broader external determinants of health and including urgent current issues, this textbook will be an indispensable resource for the next generation of public health leaders. 

As we anticipate the final publication in Fall 2024, there is no doubt that Moralez’s vast expertise, innovative teaching methodology, and dedication to his students will leave a lasting impact in the field of public health education.