VueSonic, with its roots dating back to 2010, is a leading brand in the field of contact lens care and maintenance. Founded by a group of ophthalmologists and PhDs in Physics, VueSonic began its journey to revolutionize contact lens hygiene – with the mission to harness the power of sonic technology for daily cleaning and disinfection of contaminated contact lenses. Years of in-depth research, development, and rigorous clinical testing resulted in the creation of an ingenious electronic system.

This system identified the most effective sound frequencies for removing protein, germs, and other residues from both soft and rigid lenses and also ingeniously combined physical rubbing with sonic technology. In the process, VueSonic secured three major patents, distinguishing itself as possibly the sole electronic solution worldwide capable of eliminating over 90% of residue on used contact lenses.

VueSonic’s Biomimicry 3-D Rubbing Technology

In difference to their competitors, who rely on less effective ultrasonic methods or single-frequency vibration, VueSonic’s technology stands out as a safer and more efficient alternative. The absence of relative motion between the lens and solution in competing products limits their ability to remove stubborn residues or prevent protein redeposition, making them less effective than even manual hand-rubbing. VueSonic’s approach ensures high-standard performance and minimizes the risk to users’ eyes.

One of VueSonic’s patented technologies is its cutting-edge 3-D rubbing. Before VueSonic, hand rubbing was proven to be the most effective method to clean contact lenses. VueSonic’s biomimicry design mimics hand rubbing. Its rubbing heads are made of soft medical silicone, which fits the curve of every lens without a dead angle. The rubbing heads apply a gentle yet high-speed rubbing action to dislodge and remove protein and lipid deposits from the lenses’ surfaces.

The approach simplifies the cleaning process and ensures a high level of cleanliness. In fact, it is clinically proven to be three times more effective than hand rubbing. Such outcomes reflect the significance of VueSonic’s innovative technology in maintaining the hygiene and longevity of contact lenses.

A Leader in the Industry

VueSonic made its debut in the global market in 2016, rapidly gaining popularity. The product’s exceptional performance quickly earned the trust of optometrists, who began recommending VueSonic to their patients. Positive feedback from users further strengthened its reputation. Notably, VueSonic’s quality was recognized by government agencies which adopted it for inspecting colored contact lenses. The product’s efficacy was evident as low-quality lenses, with color printed on the surface instead of being embedded within, faded after just one VueSonic cleaning cycle.

VueSonic’s achievement of FDA clearance was a significant milestone for the company. It signified that VueSonic’s contact lens cleaning devices, including the VueSonic One and VueSonic Advance 2, have met the regulatory standards set by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for safety and effectiveness.

The clearance proved VueSonic’s dedication to providing reliable and hygienic solutions for contact lens care, assuring customers that their products have undergone thorough evaluation and scrutiny to meet the highest industry standards. VueSonic’s journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of innovation and product excellence and a vision of a safer, healthier future for contact lens wearers worldwide.

Product Line

VueSonic’s product line consists of innovative solutions designed to cater to diverse contact lens types and user preferences. Among its offerings are the VueSonic Advance 2 and the VueSonic One. The VueSonic Advance 2 is tailored for hard contact lenses, providing a specialized cleaning regimen that enhances their longevity and cleanliness.

On the other hand, the VueSonic One is designed to cater to soft disposable and hybrid contact lenses, addressing the distinct cleaning needs of these lens types. Notably, both devices share a user-friendly and portable design, making them accessible and convenient tools for contact lens wearers seeking an efficient and effective cleaning solution.

Up to 1,000 Cleaning Cycles Without Damage

VueSonic’s cleaning devices play an important role in extending the durability of contact lenses, a significant concern for contact lens users. By employing advanced cleaning technology, VueSonic ensures that lenses are maintained in an optimal state of cleanliness. This enhances user comfort and contributes to the longevity of the lenses themselves. Proper cleaning and maintenance are vital components of VueSonic’s approach, as they reduce the need for frequent lens replacements.

Many satisfied customers have attested to the prolonged lifespan of their contact lenses after incorporating VueSonic’s devices into their daily routines. These testimonials serve as compelling evidence of the positive impact VueSonic has on the overall durability and cost-effectiveness of contact lenses.

VueSonic has transformed vision care through its innovative contact lens cleaning devices and accessories. From offering the product line, various contact lens types, and portable solutions to providing convenience and hygiene – VueSonic is a leader in the vision care industry. VueSonic aims to provide proactive steps toward better vision care, emphasizing the importance of clean, well-maintained contact lenses for optimal eye health.